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Building in the Dark

We all know how critical supply chains are to build and maintain capital assets.

What kind of risks exist within these supply chains and how aware are we of them? 

Be the first to know when we launch the landmark research report Building in the Dark - High-risk Supply Chains: Challenges, Responses & Opportunities.

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Let there be light

At Felix, we see first-hand that many organisations operating in this challenging environment don’t have an adequate understanding or process to manage the inherent and increasing risks that exist in their most critical area of dependence: third-party suppliers and subcontractors. 

In early 2021, we started surveying industry players in conjunction with Entwine, the research firm commissioned by Infrastructure New Zealand to produce the report Creating Value Through Procurement

Since then, we’ve been busy compiling the findings and putting together a comprehensive analysis of the risks, opportunities and barriers to change in our industries

We are very excited to flick the switch on Building in the Dark shortly. 

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Why now?

Asset owners, builders and managers have a unique position due to their heavily services focused supply chains, often with a high concentration of high-risk subcontractors. In particular, project-based organisations also have to rapidly generate and degenerate their supply chains.  

Much of the publicly available research and information available on supply chain risk is focused on sectors with more stable supply chains, such as manufacturing. We wanted to provide a deeper understanding of risk in sectors with more dynamic supply chains.

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What the survey respondents say
There is nowhere near enough discussion on these risks – a lot of whinging happens in general on sites but not enough genuine meaningful conversation.” 
Very worthwhile topic to research – to get a better understanding of these risks.” 
“Highlighted some risk areas that don’t get discussed during project delivery and had not considered in any depth – so increased awareness of these risks was good.” 

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